Restaurant Benefits from idinein.com
  1. Customers love to order online! It's simple, fast and they don't have to use the phone

  2. idinein is smart! It remembers a customer's last order and address so they can re-order with the click of a button. idinein knows if your restaurant is open or closed or if it is still serving breakfast or not!
  3. On-line menus are designed to work on any computer system, including hand held devices and cell phones so they're user friendly for traveling customers
  4. Features like auto-login, auto re-order and one click checkout make it simple for customers to order and return to your site because it's so easy to use!
  5. Designed to facilitate the complex nature of a food order. (Steaks, medium rare, chosen sauce, hold the onions)
  6. Less phone calls for takeaway, perfect for pizzerias & restaurants. Less hands on the phone means more hands helping run the restaurant!
  7. For each order you receive, you collect another email address of an interested customer. You can use this to email out promotions, specials and coupons ĘC ultimately lowering your advertising costs!
  8. Customers have a complete list of your entire menu only a mouse-click away! By viewing the entire menu the customer is enticed to order more instead of ordering what they 'remember.'

  9. Eliminate wasted orders from bad handwriting on a fax

Make extra sales without washing up!
Generate more business with no more tables!

What idinein provides

idinein is not a replacement for your existing website, it is designed to work seamlessly in conjunction with it. If you don't already have a web site for your restaurant, idinein virtuall creates one for you and gets your restaurant online. When customers visit your website they want to do one thing, look at your menu and order food; idinein provides just that. idinein also knows when your restaurant is open for business or not, even if you close down in the middle of the day. If your restaurant is closed, idinein will tell your customers so, and will not allow online orders. It will also tell them your hours, ask for an email address and optionally notify them when you are open.
idinein provides restaurants with the ability to place their entire menu on-line and allow customers to order food from their web site!

idine is designed to work with restaurants that provide delivery or takeaway, and allows customers to order before they arrive.

Just send us a copy of your menu and we will add it to your current web site as an on-line order form. When customers visit your web site they will see that they can order from your menu by clicking their food choices and checking out.

idinein will instantly send your restaurant a fax or email in a standard form, easy to read format with all the customer's information (including their email address) and their food order details! Optionally, if your restaurant does not currently have a website, idinein can create one for you using the design from your menu.

Link to your website!
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Good Business Decision

For the same cost as your telephone bill, idinein provides your restaurant with the means to cut expenses and generate more business by:

  1. Eliminating time consuming phone orders and illegible fax orders, drastically increasing customer satisfaction!
  2. Increasing word of mouth business by being one of the few restaurants offering on-line ordering.
  3. Increasing the average order size from impulse items such as appetizers and dessert by showing your entire menu and making it so simple to add to the order.
  4. idinein collects all the email and mailing addresses of all your on-line customers allowing you to efficiently send special promotions and coupons. Email marketing reduces your costs, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars over print ads or mailers!

    Receiving Orders
    idinein will send orders to restaurants via: Fax or Email ĘC you choose!
Email us at info@idinein.com or call us on 95500011

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