Showcase your Menu on-line -
to let takeaway customers
order in advance!

The idinein food ordering system will put your Restaurant Menu on show to thousands of new customers on the worldwide web. It will also enable your restaurant to receive takeaway orders via the Internet. We forward validated orders straight to you by fax - or email, if preferred. You just confirm the orders and get your pre-payment at the same time!


It's good business any way you look at it
 idinein will win you extra business AND new customers. And those customers will be impressed with the smart, new convenience you're offering.
Business up. Costs down!
Not only can idinein increase your revenue, it can also reduce your costs. On all these extra takeway orders, you SAVE on tables and linen - crockery & glassware - wait-staff time and washing-up.
  What other costs to you?
The idinein food ordering system will cost you just $100 per year in set-up/hosting costs. Then, for admin costs, you pay only $1 per dish, regardless whether your dish cost the customer $10 or $30.
How it all works...
Just as easy as A - B - C

The customer checks your Menu on-line and makes his order on idinein - which even totes up the spend. It's then emailed to us and we forward it on to you.
On receipt, the Restaurateur confirms the order with the customer and they prepay you - you then confirm pick-up time.
  Plus easy, clear accounting for all parties
idinein makes handling the dollars & cents so simple. It receives and tracks all diners' orders, allocates them, and automatically invoices the Restaurants for their orders at the end of the month.
You will see clearly - and be able to check - the Date, Time, Customer Name and Spend - and the fees payable to idinein. We do insist that these invoices be paid on receipt.

How simple is that!

Makes sense!
Take the modern marketing lead with your Restaurant
Doing business on-line is rapidly growing, and the Internet for ordering and for promotion is the smart way for thinking restaurant owners to go.
Don't let your competitors beat you to it. Lead the way. Don't wait. It will be the best decision you've made in a long time.

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More Questions?

How is the order sumbitted to the restaurant? I don't have a computer?
Via Fax. You do not need a Computer. To sign-up you will require a fax machine.

How do I make changes to my menu(s) and daily specials?
You can make changes as often as necessary. Just email the updated menu to: admin@idinein.com

I have a question not listed here...
Please submit any questions to: info@idinein.com


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