Ordering from Idinein.com can help you discover new cuisines for a classy home dinner, or simplify the task of ordering lunch for an office function. Benefits include: no telephone miscommunication; easy specification of special requests; and paper-less menus for local restaurants right at your fingertips.
Idinein.com also helps you save and manage time. You can reduce order time to as little as 30 seconds. Or, if you don't have time to order during the work day, order ahead and specify a later preparation time. Ordering food for pick up can also rescue you from queues during the lunch hour.
Once you submit your order, the restaurant receives a fax/email detailing all items and any special requests, including whether the order is for pick up, dining in at restaurant, or delivery - plus the specified time.
To ensure that the customer receives the appropriate order, the restaurateur will call the diner and verify the order, the name, and the time for pick up or dine in and the actual food order cost.

It's simple as that.
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More Questions?
How is the order submitted to the restaurant?
Via Fax or email. After submitting your order all you need to do is sit back and wait for the restaurant to phone and confirm your order.

How long before I receive a phone confirmation?
Your confirmation should take no longer than two minutes, usually less.

How do I know that my order was successful?
After submitting your order, the system is set to monitor each fax/email order. When a fax/email is successfully received you will be informed via e-mail. Please make sure you submit a valid email address where you can be reached.

How much does it cost per order?
There is only 1 service fee of $2.50 per order regardless of total order value.

I have a question not listed here...
Please submit any questions to: info@idinein.com


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